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Maybe you discussed this with the dealer, but I thought that the IPDM on most all Nissan trucks and SUVs was covered under some TSB. They are prone to failing. I have heard of several people on the Nissan forums who have had their trucks just shut off and lock wheels at 70 MPH

That said, I have owned two Titans and a Pathfinder, and had no issues with any of them. I would buy again. Well, maybe not the new 2013 Pathfinder. I know why they built it, but I do not like it.

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I own a 2005 Xterra S (4WD) and a 2011 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon - 2D. Both are 6-speed manuals. For everyday driving I'd take the Xterra. We have a rough access road to the house (lots of rocks and washboarding) and the Xterra has gone 125,000 miles without a rattle. We have had the front-end rebuilt once, but then we had the Dodge 2500 RAM front end rebuilt too because the road really beats them up. The V6 in the Xterra is way more powerful than the Jeep and it handles OK. I don't know if this is a common problem but we are having timing chains replaced on the Xterra ($1700) and the Integrated Power Distribution Module failed about a month ago ($750), but I think it is worth keeping since it has been paid off for years.

The Jeep is more fun for zipping around town and for serious off-roading. I haven't looked into what it would take to make the Xterra more off-road worthy but it is a good, well built, body-on-frame SUV and I'd buy another one. One more thing is that the Nissan dealer network has shrunk in the past couple of years and it is an hour to the closest dealer.

Either vehicle is good, but we have had good service from Nissan trucks and the Xterra.
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