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Originally Posted by ThumpnRed View Post
It works... I did do it. You have to pick and chose the gears to use as one of the XRR gears has fewer engagement dogs on it than the XRL (cant remember which), but the XRR first does swap in. When you run the ratios, you will find that you have a very linear transition from gear to gear throughout the box once you swap in the XRR first. It does make your first gear taller though. I run 14/48 sprockets to make first gear trail worthy. Now.... the bad part. Running 14/48 kills your top end. My bike will run at 75, but it's not a happy place. Not a huge deal for me though as I dont care for riding it on the highway anyway.

Thanks for the confirmation Wayne, I'm thinking that might be the way I'd like to go with mine too. Besides It would be a shame to not keep our Honzuki's as similar as possible, wouldn't it?
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