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Shared files on a Mac

Disclaimer: I'm not really certain of what I'm talking about, and it will be difficult to be brief here.
My G4 iBook running 10.5.8 suddenly died while on the road recently but before I left home I backed up to my WD hard drive. Death of the old unit included no visual display and not booting up so using firewire to migrate data was not happening
Recently I found a used MacBook running 10.6.8. I love it. What an improvement in the Intel based processor.
To recapture some of my old data I connected the WD hard drive to my MacBook and let it run. The WD established a new user on my MacBook and it looks like my music and photos and such were successfully downloaded. To access it, I need to log out of the current user account and log into the one established by the WD download.
Starting over in the new user account is a chance to do things a little differently so I'm cool with that.
My question, can I migrate my music and photos from the old user account downloaded from the WD hard drive to the new user account I set up when I registered my MacBook. I may want to pull more data later, but that's all I want for now.
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