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Don't get me wrong, I'm a firm beleiver in ATGATT, however beleiving that non ATGATT riders are making stupid choices compared to yourself is pretty short sighted and requires not looking into the mirror too closely.[/QUOTE]

No....we were speaking of helmets. I fully agree that you should make your own choice. I just don't understand why you wouldn't wear one. While that may seem short sighted to you the mirror and I have few problems (save the fact that it is aging poorly, and it doesn't seem to appreciate the visual abuse I heap on it). I am ATGATT, but do not expect others to be. I hope for them to be. I pray for them to be. The helmet debate reminds me of the seatbelt me racers wouldn't use them if they didn't work. While you could make the argument for full race leathers as well I recognize that there is a cost and comfort link in here somewhere. I have had a number of students die due to a lack of being belted.....and i am sorry but I truly do not understand.

Even when enjoying risky sports/hobbies one can mitigate the amount of risk involved. Education, gear, attentiveness, etc. all play a role. I don't want a nanny state....I want a state that doesn't need to be nannied. I realize that is not realistic...I am an idealist.
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