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Originally Posted by JerryH View Post
I have owned 2 Corvettes, a '74 and a '77. This was over 20 years ago, when these years were not really valuable. But I got into the whole thing in a big way, joined the NCRS, subscribed to all the magazines, went to all the local meetings, etc, until after spending over $10,000 on parts and getting pretty much nowhere, decided that restoring Corvettes was too expensive a hobby for me, so I sold them and went on to other things. But one thing I remember was one member of the group had a fit, and sold his nearly new ('92-'94?) Corvette after finding the wheels were made by Enkei in Japan. To some people the national origin of a vehicle is everything, it's important to me. My '01 Chevy sedan is a hodgepodge of parts from all over the world, but it is a disposable transportation car, so I don't really care. But my '64 Fairlane is 100% American made, my '72 Pinto wagon is American made except for the engine and transmission, which came from Germany. I cannot find any Asian parts on it. It still has the American made Appliance aluminum slotted wheels on it that it came from the factory with.

Some things, like Corvettes and Harleys, have such a strong American heritage that I can see someone not being happy about Asian parts on them. Same thing with BMW and Porsche. They are German, and the fact that they are German has a lot to do with their perceived value. Put Chinese parts on them, and that value drops. Chinese parts and products have such a stigma attached to them that it seems the Chinese did their very best to earn it. It's not easy being the worst of the worst. To most people, Chinese means junk. Someone on another scooter forum even coined a word for it, putting Chinese and junk together in one word. Chunk.
I absolutely get the preference of national origin on products, especially vehicles. Besides being a good car, a large part of why I ended up with my Ford Focus was that it was made in the States - though of parts from all over the world (designed by Ford in Germany, engine by Mazda who was then part-owned by Ford, components from all across the globe I'm sure).

But it does keep getting less and less realistic to only buy things made only in the USA (or Germany or Japan or whathaveyou). On the Corvette front, news recently broke that the C7 Corvette is likely to get a transmission made by Aisin, a Japanese company, since Chevy doesn't have their own box together yet.

And on any modern vehicle - be it a Corvette or a Harley or a fancy new Vespa - I'd be willing to wager that, at the very least, much of the electronics are made somewhere in Asia. ECUs, sensors, etc. - we just don't have much by way of electronics manufacturing like that here.

And that Corvette guy is crazy - should've just sold off the wheels! Easy!

Originally Posted by MODNROD View Post
My 2c, not worth anything more though!
Also, right up front, not being argumentative, I have my own opinion, and that's what most of the previous comments are.......

The Chinese are businessmen, always have been. They are also extremely pragmatic. If you want cheap nasty shite, they will give it to you, coz that's what you want. If you want excellent quality, that's what you'll get.

There is a higher margin in cheapo nasty crap and also volume than decent quality stuff that a lot of people can't afford. I rekn if you're going to blame anyone for the rise and rise of Chinese industry, and the proliferation of cheap crap, then perhaps look instead to the billionaire importers who foist all this shite on us and have done for the last 50 years, to the extent of driving competitors of quality products against the wall. Ina consumer society people are DRIVEN to buy stuff, no matter if it's shite or shiny, it's drilled into their heads from birth and they can't help it. Cheap or good to them doesn't matter.

My little Sportcity One is made in China, and the quality is far in advance of the air-cooled Japanese bikes from the '80s, and at least equal to most of the bikes of the early '90s from Japan. I should know, I've ridden and worked on them since they first came out.

Oh yeah, and no, I'm not ethnic Chinese.
But I have a habit of standing up for people who don't get a voice of their own.........

Now, anyone else with further updates? Me personally, I'd pay 3/4 of the price of a GTS 300 for one of these things, ticks all the right boxes for me!
Absolutely. China, India, Taiwan, Mexico... all of these places are capable of turning out high quality products if the parent or contract company demands ir.
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