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Originally Posted by redhandmoto View Post
a younger self in well-appointed fashion, boots and googles, in louche sprawl outside a coffee shop jammed with hipsters, just waiting for another chance to pronounce that charming word "quarantasei."
Imagine the look on their faces when I buy the thing, polish the alloy bits and chrome the rest (chrome is my favourite colour), throw in another 5 to 10HP, then yank the front tyre down the street past their fashionably-held coffee cups..........

Sorry for not being ethnic of any sort RHM! My family has lived on the pimple on the bottom of the world since 1811, and I unfortunately have the very un-blue blood of about 4 different Euro countries mixed with a bit of old-world Gypsy and the tiniest bit of local Type B+, just enough to make me enjoy going for long rides in inhospitable country on a regular basis.

Just another bitsa Aussie!
Who the hell would drag race a Ducati?!?!?!?!
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