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Originally Posted by SirJono_777 View Post
Hi, I have a question about Kriega products in general.. Why do some of them appear brownish? It's like the black has faded into a browny maroon color, and others are nice a black? I have the R8 Waist Pack and the tool roll that came in it was this faded color.. however the tool roll that I had purchased a few months earlier was a nice black color. I have also noticed this in photos across the intewebs as well. I am going to purchase the awesome Overlander 30 kit real soon and I was really hoping it wasn't faded. I have seen some that are and some that aren't in pics online.

I was wondering why this is, and if it is indeed fading and if it is intentional? It seems really random for such awesome but expensive gear.. I just don't understand why I guess! Am I missing something?
Hi SirJono,

As you say, we did have a few random items that use 1000D Cordura in their construction that faded slightly. However, this has been redressed and is no longer an issue. It is purely cosmetic, does not fade any further over time and in no way affects performance. But if this did happen to be encountered in a newly purchased product, if informed immediately, it is absolutely no problem for it to be returned for an exchange under our standard 10-year warranty, which covers all Kriega products against material or manufacturing defects.

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