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Originally Posted by OhCrap View Post
It's been a while since I posted, but I finally had some allroad tires mounted & felt it was time to report my findings here.

I went with a Pirelli MT90 Scorpion A/T on the front and a Pirelli Scorpion Trial on the back. I could only find an 'S' speedrating for the front and a 'W' in the back btw.

The rear seems to be a good one, although one has to question if these can really be called 'allroad'. It looks and handles a lot like my old BT0023 to be honest. The front however is dreadful. I mean, it handles well and seems to grip every time it needs to and goes everywhere I tell it to, but in a straight line it constantly feels like it's looking where it wants to go, and as soon as I lean over a bit to turn it feels like the tire is fighting me and wants to stay upright.

Is this normal behavior for an allroad tire, or did I end up with a rear tire after all and does it need to be mounted in the opposite direction perhaps? All I have to compare so far are my BT0023 so I'm not really sure what to expect to be honest.

Another big fail is that the MT90 is to high and touches the front fender

I'm riding without a fender at the moment (didn't want to risk shattering when a big rock gets caught in the deep thread) until I have some time to make a few brackets to raise the fender just a bit, if I decide to leave the tire on the bike that is. Did anyone else that mounted a front tire with an 80 wall have to do this too?

The front did handle like a dream in wet sand and muddy grass btw, I've yet to try some wet tarmac.

edit: Crap. I just did a search and it seems the MT90 A/T only comes in 21" as a front tire, so I guess I did end up with a rear and it should have been mounted in reverse direction. Does anyone know if I can just take out the wheel and flip it over or that I need to have the tire removed and put on again to reverse the direction?
You would have to reverse the tire.

I'm running an MT90 front on my MKII, 110 - 80 / 18. No issues with clearance. Or grip. It was a little disconcerting at first coming from a BT 021, slower turn in, well, barge like in comparison & feeling the blocks creep turning at lower speeds. I use a skerrick more counter steering on the road for snappier turn. The rear is a Shinko 705 so I'm not going to blame the Pirelli, the tires have slightly different profiles so compromise is inevitable.
I'm very impressed with the grip wet & dry.I practice motogymkhana & my braking technique on a regular basis & can happily say it sticks like glue. Very secure on gravel too.

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