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Originally Posted by clang View Post
Driving home last night from the office, in heavy, slow traffic, the crawling mass of vehicles approaches the northern end of the city where the HOV lanes merge with those of us not environmentally conscious enough to carpool. I am in the left most lane where the incoming HOV traffic merges. There is a runout of about 200 yards before the two lanes become one. Most people are merging politely, alternating cars. A guy in a shiny BMW scoots further to the left partially onto the shoulder and leans on his horn as he tries to get around the merging cars. As I am watching this in my rear view mirror, the car behind me scoots some to the left in now what is an overly wide single lane to block the BMW from traveling further up shoulder/lane. They guy leans heavily on his horn again, runs right up on the car behind me. They move over, and he shoots past them, up beside me in now what is a regular sized single lane, horn again, looks over, flips ME off and bangs his fists on his steering wheel.

Fast forward to this morning. I have a meeting with a vendor that has been trying to get in front of met to pitch their product. The receptionist brings the vendor to my office, and guess who it is. BAM meeting over in less than 60 seconds.

I doubt I will hear from him again.

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