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Yesterday I left Copan. And I earned my adventure riding badge for the trip.

The road out of Copan is pretty and relatively easy to at least Santa Rosa.

Unfortunately, I did not listen when my GPS originally said to turn onto CA11. My paper map did not show a turn, but I realized it was wrong about 1km later. Instead of flipping around, I told it to recalculate, which it did with another turn onto CA11 about 18km later. Not that unusual here. I figured I would just get to see a different road.

The road was great for about 5km then changed to graded dirt. Fantastic, I thought. I'll get my dirt riding in after all. Plus I could see less seen villages, etc. It climbed up into the hills with pine trees. It went like that for 20km and I was riding about 50km on some fun dirt.

Then the road deadended at a village. I took a few tries, but could not find the road my GPS said was there. So I asked a couple locals and they told me it was possible to get to the town I was headed toward, but did not sound optimistic about the time. I asked another local, a motorcyclist, but he did not know that route and said I had to go back to where I missed the turn. Not encouraging. But the original gentleman I spoke to wandered over and then they conferred and agreed that the road did exist. And gave me directions out of town to find it. They were very nice and even offered to write it all down, but I declined.

Unfortunately, the road was much tougher than before. If I had been in the mountains of Colorado, it would have been the perfect road for the DR650. Certainly not impossible, but I was glad I packed light and was not taking a GS. There were lots of ruts, loose rocks, steep climbs and a good half dozen water crossings. I think there are also bonus adventure points for being in Honduras and taking a road you don't know.

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