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Originally Posted by markjenn View Post
I'm a little surprised that Honda built a brand-new platform with a five-speed box. I'm sure the bike doesn't need it, but I don't know of any motorcycle that isn't improved with a six-speed.

This sort of cost-cutting compromise that may turn people off is what has me worried about sales of this bike. The other big area is suspension - no upside down forks and other than rear preload, no suspension adjustments whatsoever.

A think a $10,299 CB1100 with USD fork, rebound adjustments, and a six-speed box would sell more bikes than the $10K bike we're getting.

- Mark
well, you are probably right, but a) if you're Honda and you are trying to make this bike price competitive, it doesn't make much sense to put a high $$$ suspension on it - especially when most of your target market will probably never adjust the suspension anyway, and b) I doubt that it really NEEDS a 6 speed tranny. My FJR had 5, and it was fine. My Nomad has 5, and it's fine. I once had a bike with a 4 speed, and it was fine. Even if they decided to put a 6th gear in it doesn't mean that the new 6th would be any higher than the current 5th (if that makes sense). If you put a really tall 6th gear in there, then people are going to complain about poor performance in top gear. It's a compromise, and somebody is going to complain no matter what you do.

Honda has a really sweet CB1000 for the people who want something that is a little more "cutting edge".
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