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It was like that for about another 20km. Unfortunately, that was about my speed too, so I took an hour to do those 20. Finally, I hit some more graded dirt and started to climb toward the next "city"

And origami Yoda is still here.

Another 20km of graded dirt and I hit Gracias. The town. Tarmac again and it was about 2:30. I figured I could make up some time.

Alas, it was not to be.

The pavement quickly turned into craters. Potholes would be underselling it. 80% were about 12-24 inches in diameter and 4-6 inches deep. About 5% were 12-18 inches deep and up to the width of the road. Needless to say, you had to watch it. Of course, that included the oncoming traffic that was serving all over to miss them too. Throw in fog with visibility of 100-150 feet and it made for interesting riding. Especially when my face shield fogged up.

Then when I was down to 36 km from the next town, another fun surprise. Apparently, some one decided to take the White Rim Trail out of Moab and put it in Honduras and calk it Central America Highway 11A. That's right another section of rough rutted roads, but this time telling me it is a highway. The constant drizzle made it more fun.

It was 5:00 by the time I made it to town. By then its name was ironic :LA Esperanza (The Hope). Not much to the town, but it was getting dark, and I was exhausted. I drove around trying to find a hotel. The first was closed, the second was full, the third no parking and FILTHY. Finally, after about 10 circuits and 45 minutes in the drizzling rain, I found an one. Secure parking, and reasonably presentable. No Internet, but the bonus of being the cheapest lodging of the trip $7.50 for a private room, bath and cable TV. Cheaper than the dorm rooms I had stayed in.

Only about the size of a closet though.

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