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Triumph Tiger 800 Sticky Thread

The Tiger 800 and 800 XC threads are getting a bit much. So it was recommended to start a sticky thread for reference. Here goes...
Come on Mods! Give us a home!!!


The Main Tiger 800 Thread
Main Tiger 800 Thread

Oh dang, that thing is sexy!!!
Tiger 800 XC Pictures

Dream on little girls… Tiger 800XC-R, or something like that
Triumph Tiger 800 Concept, Not For Sale

Hell ya I'd buy this bike again!!!
Tiger 800 XC Owners: Would you buy it again?


Tiger vs Tiger
Tiger 800 vs Tiger 800 XC

My Tiger is better than your BMW (this thread is silly we all know which one is better )
Tiger 800 XC v.s. BMW F800GS

Another BMW vs Triumph discussion
G650GS Sertao vs. Tiger 800XC

Super T vs. Super XC
Super Tenere vs. Tiger 800XC

Maintenance and Technical

Got a problem with your Tiger or have you had a problem and figured out what went wrong? Check this out, it may help.
Tiger 800 Problems

Making your Tiger 800 XC ready for the Dakar.
Dialing in the Tiger 800 XC for the dirt

My XC gets better gas mileage than yours!
Triumph Tiger 800 XC Mileage

OH GOD! not another oil thread.
Triumph Tiger 800 Oil Discussion

What sprocket do I use?
Sprocket Discussion

This adds at least 20 hp right?
Air Filter Thread

Boing, Boing...
Tiger 800XC Forks and Shock

Is changing this tire the same as my Huffy?
Tiger 800 XC Tire Repair Discussion

Tool List
Tiger Specific Tool List


SO, Much, Stuff to buy. Is my credit card smoking yet?
Tiger 800 Farkles

Not sure what windshield to buy. Check this out…
Tiger 800 Windshield Thread

Don't you know your not supposed to crash!
Crash Bar/ Engine Guard Talk


That round thing on the front.
Triumph Tiger 800 XC Front Wheel Questions

The stock hand guards suck, Now what?
Triumph Tiger Hand Guards

Think you want a Corbin seat, do your homework first…
Corbin Seat Information

My ass hurts, wait that came out wrong.
Tiger 800 Seats

I think the handlebars are a little low...
Installing/ Information on Rox Risers

If you put a lot of weight it here does it increase my chances of pulling a wheelie?
Triumph Tiger 800 Top boxes

Size does matter!
Foot Peg Discussion (got merged in the farkel thread) Tiger 800 Farkles




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