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Originally Posted by pacman1 View Post
Dammit, I so need to get Roku. I've been contemplating it for over a year now, but one the thing holding me back is baseball.

Yes, there's MLB TV, but the fine print seems to say that all games will be blacked out in the teams local market area. This sounds mind-bogglingly stupid to me, but that seems to be the deal.
Yep. MLB TV does not have broadcast rights in the home market of home games. MLB won't compete for ad revenue with the local stations that are paying a TON for broadcast rights to carry those games. No, for the Rangers, it's probably not that big a deal - local broadcast and FSSW. But when you're talking about the Yankees and the YES network, you're talking about some serious muscle.

It does seem stupid on its face, but when you think of it that way, it makes sense. And that's what keeps me from picking up MLB TV. At least, until spring training starts.

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