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The No Stop discussion seems to be cooling down a bit so I think I'll fan the flames. This was a wee rant by friend on FB. There are some good points here.

"Other than the fact that it is very difficult to judge constantly no stop is the way to go. Hands down. Trials need movement and flow. Natural transition between obstacles. I hate how the beauty of riding some wild terrain can be completely interrupted to watch some idiot bounce into place for 5 minutes. I hate how the creators of some sections have such a lack of creativity that they say. Let's just box them in. With proper section lay out no stop is not necessary. The same section can be just as challenging with out boring the spectators. The people who say they like to hop are silly and the only reason they say that is because they just happen to be better at than there competitors so it wins them trials. It's not fun. If you like to hop then have a trials in a parking lot. Carrying momentum and timing is the beauty of trials not watching some dude hump his handlebars until the obstacle is easy. Geoff Aaron 1999 now that was riding and style. Geoff rides no stop even when you could stop and hop. Anyway my point is lay the section out in a way no one needs to stop. Everyone will have allot more fun."

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