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I need to change my timing chain and crank sproket. Dunno, probably not a got idea....People may abandon the R75 and hop on the R80 fixin' wagon.

Originally Posted by blaine.hale View Post
So for kicks, I thought I'd pitch some structure to Saturdays ambiguity!

The focus of the day is airhead tech! Anyone who wants to pull up a bike and have maintenance done while it's warm, let's do it. Have in mind what you'd like to accomplish so no one is stranded. Carb syncs, fluid changes, possible spline lube, wiring clean up, bike bath, ignition time, valve lash adjustment, bolt torque checks, whatever!

My agenda is to have the r75 in the basement with a work bench of refresh stuff next to it. The rear end is already pulled off and the transmission is about to come off.
We can go over showing people how to replace a rear main seal, all the cylinder gaskets, spline lubing, reassembly of the rockers and setting the valve lash, how to set a points gap and static time them (she won't be cranking saturday) and reassembly of clutch and swing arm.
Those things will getting a rolling bike. I doubt we'll get to wiring.
I can also lay out a set of bing carbs and go over all the components, what to look out for, how to clean and reassemble them and setting float levels.

Sound good? Anyone have any requests? The bike is completely open for knowledge, demos and experiments that don't permanently alter it!
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