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I told Barron I would get back to him about some electrical issues I was having last week with the rear lights. Barron... Thanks for responding with some tips. I was never able to get the lights working properly. I did get the turn signals working somewhat but not the tail light. I don't think my tail light is fried because I was able to get both lights (brake and tail) to light by connecting one of the wires... I think the problem is in my green/yellow wire... never could get anything to light when connecting with it. I'm going to get back to this wiring issue later in the Winter and use the last few (somewhat) warm weeks here riding instead. I plan to completely rework the wiring, add heated grips, and maybe an additional power source/plug-in over the Winter... So I'll just deal with it all at the same time.

Saturday was an exceptionally nice day where I live so I decided it would be better to forgo maintenance in the garage and spend the day riding instead! I quickly patched up the wires and hit the road. I just got my XRL a few ago and until Saturday had yet to put her in the dirt. Figured I head to an old 4wheeler trail that I hadn't been on in years.......

I was just cruising along and all of sudden............. whoops!

I never saw this mud hole! Perfectly disguised by the leaves! I knew that after looking at the front wheel I was doomed!

This was damn sticky mud. I ended up having to call for help... Still after all of these years my dad is happy to come to the rescue for dumb shit I do! I don't have a pic of the truck and tow strap pulling it out but here's the front wheel after exiting the hole.

That's a Kenda Challenger up front and Bridgestone Spitfire on the rear... Not recommended for mud holes! After picking as much mud out as we could with a stick I mounted her again for a very slick ride home.

Here I am just before heading home. Notice that little tiny wet spot just beyond my left handlebar grip... That was the only indication of the mud hole... otherwise it was covered with leaves and looked identical to the rest of the trail.

The rest of the day was spent with a hose pipe in one hand and a beer in the other. Little adventure and quality time with my dad... Not too bad of a day after all!

Soooo... lessons learned:

1. Leaves hide mud really well.
2. Get new tires.
3. Probably better idea to ride with someone (this wasn't possible though).
4. Think of some way to self-rescue... Maybe bring a come-along with me on solo rides.

Anybody have experience with a come-along, dual sports, and mud? Anyone know of a good compact come-along?
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