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Originally Posted by WetSideRider View Post
Is this an either/or question? I sort of expect to do both.

When singing the song of the sausage creature, I always expect to tell the story afterwards. Once in a while a little glitch (broken bones and orthopedic hardware in my case) gives one "pause".

The sandman might be resident in your right wrist, the gas pedal of the local garbage truck, the last whiskey sour your fellow commuter drank (or the cool sext message s/he was reading), the carcinogens you inadvertantly got exposed to, or the pesky DNA your parents gave you.

I don't live my life worrying over which one it's gonna be.

(Well, not too much, anyway. Healthy fear is just that.)

Cycle World just reprinted that HST story in their latest issue, "Better to be shot out of a cannon than squeezed out of a tube".
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