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Originally Posted by Lion BR View Post
Ohlins are great shocks. When they work, that is. And they are over-priced as well. The bling factor remains, of course. And we will continue to buy Ohlins as a prove we spend not on what is rational, but on promise and belief, besides bling.
Ohlins shocks earned their stripes as the best. Not marketing but quality. I will pay more for the best which is why I bought the upgraded Mulit with Ohlins.

Bling is all style no substance, can't say that about Ohlins. They do carry the brand reputation that is what you think of as bling but bling is all surface appeal like a rhinestone. Ohlins, Brembo, Akrapovik, and other brands have qualities that attracts extroverts who generally like to show off.
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