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I have my parents abandoned '02 Passat 4motion wagon sitting in my yard. It wouldn't pass inspection with the loose front end (8 sups. links, I think) & the brakes are trashed. It still actually runs quite well & the body work isn't bad for 164,000 miles of Vermont roads & winters. From the parts "kits" available, it seems the front ends are are common problem area. They've also had the oil pressure warning issue, as well as the leaking sunroof, which then corrodes some key electrical components under the floor mat. My son & I are going to resurrect it for this winter then pass it along next year.

As for a euro car, I love my '98 Volvo V70. I have the base version; no turbo, manual transmission, FWD (not AWD) reasonable to repair & simple by comparison to cars these days. On the other hand, my wife's V70 XC(AWD) really went in the snow & was generally reliable but had so many mickey-mouse issues that we burnt out, It was overly complex & was always $$$$ to fix. We had a love/hate relationship with it but finally sold it last week (205,000 mi)
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