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Originally Posted by timsgs View Post
Whats the difference between a ROKU and just plugging my laptop into the tv?

It has it's own remote control, it turns itself off after 10 min. when not in use, there is no off/on switch, I have the 1080 version. It does what the laptop does just so much easier to control, no cables. it's wireless, works off your router.

I dumped my cable bill and could not be happier, i only have Netflix, my Cox internet and an outside TV antenna. I get about 30 channels over the air. Check out........
This is a good explanation, less power consumption too plus they're only around $60.

I've used a computer for watching stuff but prefer to watch things on an actual TV & always seem to have resolution issues when I've tried to feed to a TV. The Roku seemed to provide a much better picture to the same TV, when I've compared them using the same content.

Our kids bought us a Roku a few of years ago when they first came out. We ditched the satellite (no cable here in the sticks), put up a digital antenna for local networks & watch stuff through Netflix ($9 a month?) & occasionally Amazon-on-Demand. WAY cheaper than the dish (which generally had nothing on anyway) We have since bought a second for our upstairs.

When we first had the Roku, Neflix was the ONLY thing offered, but streaming video was included in your Netflix acct. It's now a separate charge but there is ALOT of other content. We also have the box hooked up the the stereo & use it to listen to our Pandora stations as well as the zillion internet radio stations that are out there.

I don't know why everyone doesn't have them.
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