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Thanks for all the information, this is looking better all the time. GreatWhiteNorth, I see you have an '85 LTD, which is what I had before I got the 1500. It had issues, and i gave up trying to find parts for it. Yes finances are a big part of the deal, but I can stretch things to a point if it means not having to give up my bike. No offense to all the trike riders out there, but they are just not for me. I seriously considered a Voyager kit, but it looks like a trike, and I want something fun. A sidecar is a bit unusual, and I have never met a hack rider that wasn't friendly and wanted to talk about their rig. I realize it needs to be fairly heavy, but I want it to be open, maybe with a snap on cover, not a full car body type setup. I'll start looking.
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