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My past three vehicles have been VW's. I drive 50K-60K a year and keep the cars until about 200K rounds. First was a 2004 Jetta GLI VR6. That car ran to 200K on nothing but oil changes, tires, one timing belt and set of plugs. Maybe a couple of bulbs, original brakes, clutch, etc...

Next up was a 2008 GTi 2.0T. Great car except the direct injection turbo was a problem. Kept carboning up and running like shit. Spent well over 2K on repairs to get it to 160K, but still on original clutch, brakes, etc...

Currently driving a 2011 CC 2.0T. Love the car and was hoping the got the direct injection problems solved. I was wrong. Just spent about 1.2K getting that sorted out at 70K miles.

I love the VW's ergonomics, they just fit me. Fun to drive and generally pretty reliable. I would not recommend any of them with the 2.0T direction injection motor, unless you're willing to open up your wallet.
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