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Originally Posted by laser17 View Post
OK I'll bite: Why cant people seem to understand a simple stop watch (count down timer) is a solution to the "idiot bouncing in place for 5 minutes" type comments. In fact its so simple - its already employed at the world level and nationals.

Also - "The other than the fact that its difficult to judge" is not a point that is just glossed over with supporters of stop allowed. For the most part - that's the main argument.

Hey - if you dont want to stop - dont! Show us all that dynamic motion!
I`ve got the perfect compromise. We`ll keep the current rules, but a stop with a foot down is only 4 points. All those crying about getting a five will only get a four and you can still stop if you have the skill!!! To top it off we have never tried these rules, so everbody can say it`s a fine `NEW` idea!!!
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