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Thanks for the link - I'm pretty interested in trying out the MicroSquirt, but I may try the diagnostic before pulling the trigger on the MS. Both the red and black keys have had some heat damage, which may have ruined the RFID chip.

I got a CRF 450 roller cheap. Swapping the steering head was dead easy: turned up some cups for the bearings, and a 3/8" thick spacer between the top triple and the steering head. Bolted up like a champ. A better and easier, but more costly solution would have been to buy tapered roller bearings in the correct size.

The rear was quite a bit more work.... and I have a penchant for understatement.

I started with the ST3 swingarm and removed all the stock shock mounting hardware, leaving only the main cross brace. I then sectioned it aft of the cross brace and added 2.5" to accomodate a DR650 wheel with an 18" rim laced to it. I chose the DR rim because it has factory cush drive.

I then sectioned the SA in front of the cross brace and added 1.25" there in order to accomodate the shock and linkage from the CRF.

I did all this cutting and welding basically as a one-time-use for the DBC -- I have plans to create a new SA from scratch using 3" x 1" tubing. There is a ***big*** problem with adding travel to the ST3 SA: the SA pivot pinch bolt interferes with the sprocket. The pinch bolt will have to be changed.

The lower shock linkage mount required a bit of tinkering, too. I plan to make a removable cradle which will have an outboard bearing for the swingarm, footpeg/shifter/brake mounts, and possibly split dirt-bike style radiator mounts. The doohickey with the zig-zag is a removable frame section. I've made 2 so far, and need 4.

Here's a photo gallery of the progress to date:
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