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Originally Posted by danielks View Post
Hi there worldwide X country friends!!!

long time reading this... now itīs time to write!!!

Got a 07ī with 2400km couple of months ago... ride it for more 2000km now! this bike is amazing!!! a really fun bike in the everyday ue on the city (sao paulo - Brazil) !!! off course, a light off road pass for the weekends!!!! my F800gs is in vacation!

found and built some aftermarket protectors and a bit more black - pics later.

since here in brazil we almost donīt have too many XCountry, I got some doubts... and askings for the seasoned X countrers..^

- someone tried the booster plugs? really work? and together sports exhausts and air filter?
- aftermarket exhausts (akrapovic, scorpion, arrow, leo vince) got a real diference in the throtle with it alone ?

(Iīm planning to do this: booster plug, sports exhaust (hand made by a specialist here), kn air filter and irisium sparks..... think that this will make a great diference....) someone tried?

- for additional lights.... do the generator makes enough to sustain 2x 55 or 35W lightS? - any electrical problems?

For Donn: wich is your wife windshield?

is that for now!!!

thank you all X countrers!!!!

Regards from Brazil1!!!!

Daniel, welcome. If you do some searching in the history of this thread, you will find some answers to your questions.

I have a sport exhaust (Akrapovic racer full titanium system), I also have a Uni foam filter ( I think better than K&N) and I do have the Booster Plug. I run the standard sparkplugs.

I have the lid off the airbox and I have an air scoop to direct oncoming air to the filter.

Mine runs like a bat out of hell. For me, the Booster Plug helped the tractability of the motor. I also added the 17-tooth front sprocket.

The charging system should handle the lighting you mention as others have advised but be careful. The charging system can quickly reach its limits at slow speeds with too many accessories on - like heated gear, grips etc.

I think an add-on voltmeter is great. You have a built-in digital voltmeter but a separate meter to constantly show system voltage is something that I am glad I installed.

Go back and research this thread. A lot of very good information from lots of people.

The XCo is a very nice little bike.
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