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Originally Posted by OhCrap View Post
Ok, it's back to the bike shop tomorrow then, thank you. They better not charge me to have it reversed though, the amateurs. I have a feeling I might like this tire a lot better once it rotates in the other direction

I have a 120-80-18 btw. It only touches the fender on the rear edge of the fender (the lowest point of the fender when it's mounted) and if I press it together a bit by the side edges of the fender then the tire clears perfectly by about 5mm. I think that if I'll just try to shape a little stainless steel clamp so it'll clip on there and keep it in slightly rounder shape I may not even have to raise the fender at all.

I'll report back as soon as I've tried some things
They are an "all road" tire, jack of all trades but master of none. Having said that I ride gnarly gravel roads & delightfully twistie tarmac, neither of which see me get much over 120 kmh & the tire is faultless. They have a high silica component for wet grip & I was astonished at how hard the tire bit doing emergency stops in the rain.
But. Tires are subjective, I love BT 021's but a lot of riders dislike them, I've had the pegs down in the rain with them but others say they are skittish.
Hope you get things sorted & get your bike dirty!
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