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Originally Posted by burmbuster View Post
Well, I broke down and paid the $25 for a pair of Exofficio boxer briefs. Tried them out on my 5 day Texas trip. The wife thought I was kidding and just laughed when I told her I was gonna wear them for 5 days. I actually also took 2 regular pair in case things didnt go well. After 5 days they still had life left in them. They were not funky and were still comfortable. I also wore the same pair of jeans for 5 days. Socks were worn 2 days each pair and I wore the same t-shirt for two days at a time.
So now, I am getting another pair of the Exofficio's and that will be all the underwear I need. I just need to find a good pair of socks now.
I always wear my underwear 1 week. Then turn it inside out and wear it 1 week more...

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