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Originally Posted by laser17 View Post
OK I'll bite: Why cant people seem to understand a simple stop watch (count down timer) is a solution to the "idiot bouncing in place for 5 minutes" type comments. In fact its so simple - its already employed at the world level and nationals.

Also - "The other than the fact that its difficult to judge" is not a point that is just glossed over with supporters of stop allowed. For the most part - that's the main argument.

Hey - if you dont want to stop - dont! Show us all that dynamic motion!
Just to be fair, the way sections are setup now, you cannot do it without stopping and adjusting your line, either with the foot down, or hopping. I know, you beginner/noobies dont get it, your sections are made to be ridden on a yz250 by a master trials rider. I can and have ridden all novice sections "clean" on my trail 70.

What is trying to be done, is make it so Bou, who can literally bounce and hop from any direction on any wheel, or even handlebars, over anything damn near, put in his path, and even those if he tries it more than once he eventually gets over it.

It is as IMPORTANT and changes EVERYTHING just like when the completely reorganized MOTO-CROSS Track designs, to favor the 4 strokes. We all know they did, they've even admitted to it, because the 4 strokes struggled at first, compared the the 2 strokes they believed they would no longer be able to produce. Nobody that builds and sells MX bikes wanted to DARE leave it with if you had a 2-stroke, you wouldn't be better off with the 4 strokes that they were selling.

Sections that are NO-Stop, are setup completely different. if you have NOT setup sections for your upper class riders, then you don't know what the heck you are talking about.

It is a big of a change as shortening the drag strips, changing the the displacement for NASCAR engines, changing the lenght or width of a football field or even changing the size of the basket ball goal, and only a few on this board, have enough experience (other than watching) to understand that.
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