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As of yesterday I have been on the road for a month.

Since I am at the beach it seemed like a good time to add up what I have spent so far and report back how this paypal donation thing has been going so maybe you will have a better idea of what it takes to travel down here.

I charged all my gas and food coming through the U.S. for the first two weeks and that came to just under 300.00. Mind you, this is skewed low because I stayed with very generous ADVriders like Throttlemeister, Schizzman and Tricepilot who provided me with food and shelter. And the ranchers in Bassett gave me a place to stay and meals in southern Texas.

But I also spent 202 bucks on a spare clutch cable, new brake pads, spare oil filters and a new killer RK X-ring chain that is holding up really well. Thanks to Throttlemeister for that idea.

So around 500.00 including bike parts, new gloves, pawnshop camera and all the other odd bits for the first two weeks.

I don't know about the Mexico charges for the bike entry. They charged my credit card 356 bucks plus a ten dollar credit card handling fee. But I think I get back 300.00 when I leave the country. So figure 66.00.

And I have about 100.00 left from the 500.00 I changed at the border and that is the only thing I've been spending in Mexico. Yesterday I spent 484 pesos on food gas and this expensive place I'm staying in Puerto Angel. So around 400.00 for the two weeks I've been in Mexico. But once again this is skewed low due to the generosity of people like Arte in Reynosa, MikeMike in Veracruz and even Tony Diaz from Oaxaca. These folks have given me food, shelter and even gas.

So it looks like just under 1000.00 for the first month of travel. Mexico and Costa Rica were the expensive countries when I went to Panama last time, so it should get cheaper next month.

People have been donating money from around the world on this paypal thing. Who knew? There are a lot of people out in the world. It is currently at 1433.06 after paypal deducted their handling fees. Plus the 100.00 the nice lady gave me in Bassett as a going away present and the 40.00 a guy handed me at the Roll the Bones rally in Texas. That adds up to 1573.06.

So that means another month or so of travel than what I would have otherwise.

Now this donation figure is skewed high because of some generous large donations for over half of this amount. And by reporting this figure I imagine people at home will go WTF? and the donations may be 20 bucks next month. I don't really care. I will ride this pony as long as the money lasts and then head home and work for a living like a normal person and save for my next trip.

At least now I know how some of these people are out there for years at a time. I just assumed they were rich trust fund babies. Haven't you wondered how they do it? I know I have. Nobody ever reports this financial stuff back so I am making it my duty to do so. Along with GPS waypoints for good camping spots and how much stuff costs. I know that is some of the most useful info I pick up from other people's ride reports.

And I will donate to future riders who follow this idea. More money for the kickass ride reporters out there with the killer pics that keep me entertained in between rides. I'd rather read good ride reports and donate money than pay for cable TV. So I hope to encourage others to try the paypal route if you're poor and desperate like me. I'm no genius. If I can do it surely you can too. Mind you, if I were well off I would just write ride reports and be like a normal person. This isn't a get rich quick scheme.

I am just reporting the facts. And hope to encourage others that maybe they can follow in my tire tracks. I am also going to donate ten percent of everything ADVriders donate to this site since it seems like the right thing to do to help support the people who so selflessly keep ADVrider going. If it wasn't for ADVrider none of this paypal stuff would work. So I'm sending them $143.31 this month.

I will continue to report back money that comes in and goes out as this ride continues. I'm just as curious as you are to see what the future holds.

But for now I think Throttlemeister is right. About 1500/month all in for travel if you add in border crossing, bike repair and the whole enchilada is a comfortable amount of money to budget for third world travel. 1000/month and you will be camping half the time, eating frugally and living like a monk. Of course, if you have 2 or 3 grand a month you can travel in style and eat like a king. Nothing wrong with that.

Kindest regards,
John Downs
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