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Oct 31 to Nov Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead)

One of the unique celebrations in Mexico is Dia de los Muertos – basicly when the people honor their deceased relatives and friends. The flower business goes nuts with truckloads of flowers arriving for the family to decorate grave-sites and roadside memorials. Depending on the city they also turn the whole thing into a fiesta.

The celebration seems to start with Halloween with the kiddies dressing up in various costumes and going around to the stores and some of the street vendors for candies and goodies. Here are a few pics of the little darlings I was able to sneak walking down the street with flash off (blurriness),

The next night was a continuation of the first night. Except this time most of the kids were dressed in some sort of costume relating to death – ghosts, zombies, mummies, etc. Great gig for the kids though as they are out Trick or Treating again. !!!!

There were a ton of these murals constructed on the streets for many blocks. They are made with dyed sawdust and like ice sculptures we see in the winter, are soon gone.

Some of the art displayed around town

Frequently see memorials constructed on the roadside or inside public buildings memorializing groups of people

Then, some people really fit right in the mood of Día de los Muertos.

When I mentioned to Gerarado that I’d like to go to the Mummy Museum, he kind of gave me a funny look and asked if I wanted to walk there. Sure why not. He wasn’t real excited about going there and I thought he was just grossed out by that kind of stuff.

I’m thinking, here I am in a town with a Mummy Museum on the Day of the Dead – that is a must do . . . that’s what I’m thinkin. Well, I headed up (that being an important word here) the street where the signs to Museo Momias were pointing. I’m huffing & puffing and see a sign to the Museum with a picture of stairs next to it. Good idea . . . wrong! Those frickin stairs are steep and there are about 3 or 4 kazillion of them. The air was thinning and I was gasping.

Finally arrive at the top and find a cemetery. Close but not Mummies. However, that is one place to go for the celebrations as everybody is there to spend time at the gravesides of their loved ones.

Now, back to my quest for the Museum. Good chance it is nearby so asking around am directed to walk around the block to the back of the cemetary. Big line up. Wasn’t sure how my stomach would hold up but paid my admission (Even got my Seniors discount
) and headed in.

Warning! Dead people! Here are a couple of pics I took inside, they are dead people so if you are squeamish about that, don't click on the links and carry on.

Pic 1

Pic 2

These Mummies are local. A number of years ago the city levied a nominal grave tax in the cemetery next door and for those poor souls whose families either weren’t able to pay or there was no family to pay were subject to being dug up and put somewhere else. They discovered in some of the graves they opened, the corpses were mummified rather than decomposed. The small percentage that were mummified went into the Museum. Apparently the City continues to practice this policy.

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