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Originally Posted by Philander View Post
So I barely passed YOUR definition of manhood. Meh. That's alright.
As for coffee, a quad grande americano is 4 shots of espresso topped off with water...What, you're not manly enough to drink that?

All kidding aside, I think that the definition of 'masculine' has evolved. As it should. It used to be 'manly' to smack your wife around and yell at the kids...I prefer to be a gentleman, albeit a capable one.

A sample of stuff over the past 2 weeks or so: I changed the oil and gear oil on my 1987 Porsche as part of the winterization routine, built an 8'x8' deck alone, played dress-up with my daughter, played soccer with my daughter, attended taekwondo lessons that my daughter and I take together, cooked dinner for my girlfriend, discovered a very nice South African wine that was pretty good for the price, painted my daughter's nails, went for a 2 up dirt ride with my girl, got my back-country skis ready for the season, bought tickets for a stage production of Pride and Prejudice as a surprise for my girlfriend, landed a 3 year consulting gig at a reasonable rate and bought myself a nice suit as a reward.

Specialization is for insects.
WOW...u gotta good daughter! rather shes got a good dad! minus the starbucks every day...

Lemmings non sumus

"All the inconvenience and sweat and discomfort of body armor suddenly pales when you're sliding comfortably down the highway on all fours." -ghostdncr
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