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Looks like you have the aligment done well, Make sure that they used a sub frame as the frames on these bikes are known to fail over time with out a sub frame, It sounds to me like they did not have a clue on alignment when they hooked it up. I would hope that they did not charge you for this or are giving you your money back as while it is not uncommon to have to fine tune lean out for you weight you should not have to make any other changes if the sidecar was properly installed. Claude covered pretty much every thing to check. One other thing you can do that helps is to switch the front tire over to an Avon sidecar triple duty. This some times helps with head shake. It also helps with braking traction.
We imported a few of these sidecars for a while, We were not all that happy with the quality and stoped importing them. I really did not care for the way that the trunk lid was held up when used as a seat. We found that the wire spoke wheels were seldom true which will make it hard to set the toe and keep the bike from having a head shake. The cast wheels were much better (we still have a few cast wheels in stock) I would make sure that you have the brake on the sidecar working. This is a heavy sidecar, even more so with two people in it.
We finished up an R100RS about two weeks ago that is being picked up today by the trucking company to deliver it to California, we did not need any damper on it. We ran one of our M72D sidecars on this bike with a disk brake tied to the front brake. The cable drum brake on your sidecar is fairly easy to hook up if your bike had a rear drum brake but as it should be a disk on the rear it is not so easy to make it work well. If we were doing it we would make a pedal for the sidecar brake that sits next to the bikes rear brake pedal.
Let me know if we can be of any help at all.
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