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Truly true, but they declare 3,600 lumen for the BD Squadron and 42 watts. Model 60 takes 30 actual watts with the same 4 Cree T6 and same lumens, so don't know why 12 watts of difference in consumption. Just a curiosity for me, maybe a stabilizing component that takes energy, I'm not a technician.
Watts is just volts x amps - but LED's run on amperage, not voltage. You want more light out of an LED? Run more amps thru it. You can also cook it this way! Good LED lights have an amp regulator on them (rather than just a simple resistor), really good lights also have a temp sensor which will dial back the amps when you're about to cook the LEDs due to lack of cooling. IIRC, the life of the LED also drops as the amps go up - just like the old halogen bulbs when overvolted!
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