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Originally Posted by Navin View Post

What were the common quality issues with the 200cc Dukes? We didn't get them in the USA so the info hasn't been easy to come by. Thanks.
Nothing major, all small quality niggles which were later resolved. But here's a small list of what I recollect :-

- Coolant over flowing after heating up
- Shutting down issue, at a particular RPM+gear+throttle position the bike would die, seems to be an ECU mapping issue
- Fork oil seals breaking too soon (reported in small numbers)
- The plastic tank panels develop cracks because the nuts are over torqued from factory
- Engine seizure (About 5-6 cases were reported across the country)
- Quite a few folks complaining that the bike is literally eating the sprockets
- Well not a quality issue, but the tyres just don't hold when you need em the most!!
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