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My 10 cent yes/no test is surely not scientific in any manner, but more of the stuff I look at to determine how manly a man really is. It is not the type bike/car he owns or if he drinks 5$ coffees. Who gives a shit on that? So quit your fucking bashing.

In all seriousness and back to the OP point of this thread...
Rather than why are so men emasculated, lets look at what makes a man manly.

Manly is an adjective used to describe the physical and psychological characteristics of individuals traditionally associated with men such as courage and strength. Manliness differs from masculinity in that the latter refers to a simple biological predestination while the former is often used to describe the more sublime ideals of qualities traditionally specific to men. All males are masculine as they are sexually male. Yet manliness looks down upon males not exhibiting full native characteristics. (thus my 10 cent questionnaire).

Here is a more scientific approach/wording if you desire:

  • The manly male does not obsess over losing physical looks, and is not obsessed with physical appearance or the natural process of aging. Conversely, the metro sexual male has emerged in recent years by panty-waste males obsessing over looks and fashion. i.e. more than 40$ for jeans.
  • To be a mature man, one must be committed to his family by contributing to it however he may. i.e. Mow your lawn, wash your car, maintain your vehicles, know how to fix stuff, spendign time with your family, kids, etc.
  • It is manly to be calm, provide emotional support for those in need, and not be weepy. Knowing when to empathize shows a true man. i.e telling a friend "that sucks" when he jsut wrecked his bike and meaning it.
  • Manliness is logical, intellectual, rational, objective and practical, not overtly emotional. Not a lot of logical thinking or practically in our culture today. These 4 values have nearly become obsolete within the youths of our nation.
  • A man seeks leadership roles such as guiding, disciplinarian, independent, free, individualistic, demanding. When is the last time you gave your kid a whipping for being bad or breaking the rules? HMMM! If you are under a certain age then it is doubtful you ever saw a switch or belt on your ass as a kid. Today's youths are given time-outs and ridlin instead of a old fashioned spanking.
  • Manliness is self-satisfied in that it does not seek nor need the approval of others. Here is the pussy whipped part that the earlier posts stumbled with. Men seeking the ultimate approval of other men or women and not "being their own man" - a term lost on most younger men today.
  • The manly consider risking loss to stand for important beliefs or principles. i.e If you don't stand for something then you stand for nothing.
..just my .02 worth...


Stepping off my soapbox.
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