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Station 2 - The Ribbon. The idea was to work on transitions. The course was a straightaway, sharp right, immediate 180 hairpin followed by some tight/technical curves leading back to the straightaway. We were told repeatedly to take fast turns fast and slow turns slow. This course is where it really came into effect. You hammered down the straightaway, braked hard getting the rear end loose, swung the bike to the right and got on the gas again. Brake hard once more, but this time you had to be cautious with the throttle or the hairpin would screw you over. Definitely my favorite station. No time to take pics/vid as we were immediately off to station 3.

Station 3 - The Kidney Bean. Depending upon which way you were going it was either an uphill or downhill 180 hairpin that was off camber. Downhill fucking killed me. I'd blow the turn cause I couldn't get my head around, go off the track and re-enter at the next turn. Coming uphill was much easier for me but we were only able to run it that way a few times before we had to move on.

Lunch break followed by more talking. Aaron is a great talked and full of stories. He works/worked for Speed TV and knows everyone in the racing industry. He would hit us with excellent impersonations of famous racers and great stories which related to our instruction.

After lunch we hit the oval track. It was wet down pretty good so we had to spend 20 minutes or so packing it in. Sixteen of us on that little track was scary, especially with the mixed experience that we had going. I know my lines sucked and I know the fast guys who were lapping me pretty regularly definitely had to keep an eye out lest I take them out. We ran it in our groups, first counterclockwise and then clockwise. I was definitely beat to shit by the end of it. I ended up rolling my back off the track as group three was coming on. I waited, hung over my bars, for someone to come over and kick the bike over for me. It didn't happen.

Back down to the main track for the remained of the day. Putting it all together. This was playtime. I ran for about 40 minutes or so, but at the end I was just plain tired. I hadn't suffered any serious injury and therefore it seemed like a good time to call it a day. Matt and Paul continued to ride which allowed me to get some more vids/photos.

The chicane:

Tim riding his son around the track:

More of Matt:
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