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service free machine???

Originally Posted by Grreatdog View Post
I used to say the same thing back when I only rode Yamahas.

Yep. Funny how when you are sweating and whipped from busting your ass down a miserable, rocky, almost vertical trail and you are still facing an even uglier climb back out you don't give a damn about oil changes and valve check intervals.

But then again, if you even have to ask about two bikes that are so entirely different I don't know if the KTM is the right choice. The 25% pavement would sell me on the EXC. But then I consider having to slide a feeler gauge under a valve a fair trade for the extra power and top shelf suspension. I learned a long time ago that no matter how long the service intervals are or who made the bike you still end up working on it every singe time you hammer one offroad.
I dont want to sound cocky, all dirt bikes are great and its a matter of opinion what one likes. I have had Xr 600's for all my riding life (22yrs) I've hammered it ripped chains off it doin wheelies but never needed routine valve and tricky stuff. Just change the oil evewry 1500 km and its as reliable as a guide dog!
Well, technology is great! but when it lets you down, yr dead in the water!! though like every thing, its always a matter of if you like it buy it
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