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Originally Posted by Fredful View Post

It was steep and shitty we were all fuggin impressed that you had a go at it let alone made it.

Tell em again Viz, tell em again Viz!

Back to the point is anyone's joining this ride?

I'm not around so can't help out. Weather looks just right temp wise

Roll up you'll have a ball and be surprised by what's on the doorstep


Thanks Fred! At least *someone's* on my side...

My technique was not good up that hill and a better rider would have made it quite happily. It was pure dogged determination that got it that far...

I have flipped that bike backwards on other hills (far and away from any camera), fortunately without any damage as the screen and mirrors were off. It was a wonder it did not flip on that hill.

But (serious hat on) - the things I learnt about off-road riding, and the places I saw made it all worth it. And to reassure the noobs here - we took a wrong turn, some of us did, and ended up what was essentially a one-way track. We were not supposed to go down the "cliff" that we did go down, and to get back up for some of us would have been futile and maybe dangerous. Hence a detour and the climb up this hill. Usually the rides are a whole lot more gentle and more conducive to teaching confidence and skills...

Enjoy! I'm about to jump on a plane and go to Melbourne for the weekend.

Just make sure that someone brings along (enough) quiche pies to share around

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