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Originally Posted by Dallara View Post
Amen, Bruddah! Amen!

When I was a Honda dealer I was always stunned by the guys who would drive 300 miles to save $200 on a motorcycle. Didn't matter to them that the other dealer they were driving to was that much closer to the manufacturer's warehouse and as such his freight on the bike was much, much less... Or that the other dealer was located in a much larger metropolitan market that allowed him volume I couldn't compete with... Etc., etc., etc.

But what stunned me even more was when that same guy, who had gone all that way to save a handful of dollars, would come crying to my shop when he had a problem and expected me to drop everything and instantly work on his bike... And also expected that I put him ahead of all those customers who had purchased motorcycles from my shop.

Only thing is that I wouldn't... Wouldn't put them ahead of my own customers. Not in a heartbeat.

And ya' know, it's funny... All those guys who did the drive-and-buy, or fly-and-ride, would then bad-mouth my store left and right, all while never even bothering to take it back where they bought it and see if that guy was any better. Oh, no! They praised that dealer for the great deal they got.

But it didn't matter, because those guys that did buy from me praised my service everywhere they went, and bought from us again and again. In fact, over 70% of our business over the years was repeat customers (in both that Honda shop and our car dealerships along the way), and ya' know... Each time they bought a vehicle they got a better and better deal each time.

In other words, folks... Remember the door swings both ways. If you have a good local dealer, support him, and he'll support you. Don't support him and one day he won't be there.

To this day people still tell me they wish I was still the Honda dealer here, and despise the guy who is now. He has a dirty, dingy, dark store with a lousy service and parts department. And I go to the Kawasaki/Yamaha dealer...


since you didn't say otherwise I assume said dealer is still in business
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