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Putting sleeping pad inside of the bag?

Has anyone tried putting their sleeping pad inside of their bag?

I just got the new big agnes q-core sleeping pad a couple months back. The big one, on sale at REI 30% off. Next on my list is a big agnes bag, but that's a ways off.

The sleeping pad is long as I stay on it. Problem is that it is a slippery bugger. My bag slips off the pad when I move around in my sleep.

I've also had this slight annoyance with my current bag, a Teton Sports Celsius XL (big bag too) 0degree. It's cloth/flannel lined, so when I roll over the bag tends to roll with me. The bag has been great; big, warm, and mostly comfortable except for the rolling bit.

I was thinking putting the pad inside the bag might solve two problems. I can roll over and slide on the pad and the bag doesn't roll with me. When I move, the pad will stay under me.

Other options I have for a slippery pad is putting dots of "seam grip" on the pad to create non slip surface or put velcro on the bag and pad. That doesn't address being able to roll over and the bag coming with me though.

I really wish I could afford the weight/space to take my truck camping setup. Two nylon bags zipped together on a double air mattress. I sleep better on that than I do my bed at home. Alas, it'd be just too big/heavy for the bike.
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