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Nov 4 Taxco

Great day today. Stopped raining so that was a huge plus. Had some great riding right out of Zitacuaro – spectacular riding and scenery.

Finished up with a gravel road down to the bottom of this canyon – beautiful (and cool).

Much more civilized up the other side

A bit of a landslide you just kinda go around

It was cold (down to 8C – 46F) coming over a mountain pass and I was getting cold so stopped at a roadside restaurant – pretty big place and most of the people were congregated at some tables in the kitchen area – suited me fine as it was warmer there.

Waiter first plops a plate of a few corn chips, some fries, some lettuce and tomatoes and some pickeled cactus. Then the hyper waiter asked what I wanted and named off the three choices in rapid fire – kind of sounded like a machine gun. I asked him to slow down and repeat – he did, about 5% less rapid fire. Still didn’t recognize anything they were offering – kind of understood one of the words he said and repeated that back to him . . . done! Have no idea what I ordered.

While later he drops a big plate down in front of me and I finally figureout I ordered a fish. One tortilla laying on the top so, I start messing around with it and discover the fish is pretty fleshy. Start picking the meat off, drop it in the tortilla, discover some outstanding sliced and fried garlic, add some of their incredibly outstanding salsa and some vegies. Just as I was about to finish one tortilla, a fresh one would appear on my plate. It reminded me of fresh trout fried over a campfire. It was really good and hit the spot. With a cup of coffee was $60p.

After the gravel road up and down in the canyon, finally get to Taxco having heard good things about the town but not knowing what to expect. With the rain, the internet pooped out last night before I had a chance to check on some recommended joints in Taxco so, I was flying blind (hmm, maybe that should have been the name of this Ride Report).

I come in from the top (as with many interior towns, this one is built on the side of a mountain) and see some of the town below – there seems to be little clusters of buildings scattered all over the place. Try to have the GPS take me to a couple of hotels hoping to pass others along the way. Finally notice a Best Western and figure that has to be near the center of town so lets head there and see what we can find.

Well, find the "main"cluster of buildings and this town needs to take some lessons from Guanajuato and maybe build some tunnels. Narrow streets clogged to the nutz (yes, that is a word . . .I just made it official) – main road backed up for about a kilometer. Finally got through then up a steep cobble stone street, turn left and a wall of cars coming at me. Glance at the wall and the arrow going the other way. Turn around notice a Transit Cop and ask how to get to the BW – he tells me to go up the road I had tried – apparently it’s 2 way. Who knew? I guess he radios ahead to another Transit cop and tells her to expect me. Head up this amazingly narrow street with 2 way traffic and people all vying for position on a road that barely handles two Volkswagen bugs. Get to the next intersection and the Transito rushes over to give me directions to the hotel – she had even notified the hotel I was coming. In all honesty, I really didn't want to stay at the BW but at this point I wasn’t about to go looking around – looked like a decent place and I was ready to stop. Overpriced but nice.

Came out to move my bike and these two tall young guys are standing there and one says “G’Day – we are travelling too” – well, damn, someone who speaks English well, not really English but I have an Aussie son-in-law so I understand Aussie most of the time. Mark and Mark.

Had a good dinner with the boys and met the third of the group, Matt. They are traveling on KLRs and have a really good blog here

Um, the guy second from the left is not an Aussie . . . just sayin.

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