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Offcenter I like those little Honda CT90-110's. The amazing reliability of the little Honda's never ceases to amaze me. It is one of the reasons that I am choosing to ride mine cross-country.

Yesterday I painted the bash guard and tonight I installed it and rode around a bit. The new shocks should work out good. They are a little stiff now but with a small load they should be perfect. The shocks are about 3/4" longer than stock so they move the tire away from the fender a bit which should help prevent it from packing with mud so easily. I also gave the Honda a quick wash because it was looking rather shabby.
Very nice setup. I love the bash plate, and would definitely keep it if you are even just going to ride on gravel roads. A small rock can easily punch a hole in the engine case. I might be a little concerned about the front fender, I remember mine being made out of fairly hard plastic. I might go with a more dirt oriented fender. More gas is always a good idea if possible. You already have the start of the best luggage system ever conceived. I have a milk crate on the rack of my XT225, it is full, I have stuff attached all over the outside of it, including saddlebags on the sides, a sleeping bag bungeed on top, and an extension on the back end of the rack where I have a very large T-bag mounted, sitting on the extension, and strapped to the milk crate. Along with my tank panniers and front fender bag, I can easily carry a weeks worth of stuff.

As far as the Symba, I looked it over good, I read a ride report from a couple who rode them across the U.S. then across Africa. I really wanted one, and have not completely ruled it out, But it just looked a lot flimsier than the C70. I read a lot of bad things on the SYM forum, no parts availability, rusting very quickly, rubber rotting very quickly, and very poor quality paint. It just doesn't seem like the old Honda quality is there.

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