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XL-erate wrote:
>>On all my bikes I like to set the preload on steering stem bearings so that they're snug, with just a slight resistance to turning. I lift the front and after repacking stem bearings will tighten the steering stem nut etc. I usually find that bikes are set up so that with wheel straight ahead just a touch on the bars causes wheel to flop all the way over to the side. I prefer to setup so that it's tight enough that it takes a nudge to keep the fork turning side to side, just a slight preload resistance. That if you move bars a couple of inches the front wheel stays there unless you give another very gentle push. This of course with properly lubed stem bearings.<<<

I agree with this. Tighter bearing will give a good dampoening effect. However one must be carefull if ball bearings are used in the steering head as these can become an issue if overtightened.

Just a note As far as telescopic type dampers go. These can be an issue if installed wrong. When installed on tele forks Bump steer can be present if suspension travel comes into play that moves the damper in and out.This is not always the case but should be checked for. The damper should be 90 degrees to the fork tube when viewed from the side if possible and as close to the fork tube as possible. How much travel the damper goes through will dictate how much steering effort it may add. Of course if the damper can be mounted apart from suspension travel this is best but is not always possible. Once a damper is installed it should be checked for proper movement during steering input and also through suspension travel.

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