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Originally Posted by jbhawley View Post
Holy sheeee---iiiitttt! I could go on for days on the "chic-ifaction" of the American male population; metrosexual men, pansies, tools...whatever you want to call them.

IMO, and FAIW...
I do agree that most men (the aforementioned) are completely pussy whipped. I had an old family friend tell me when I was out sowing my oats way back in the day:

"Women own half the land, half the money and all the pussy"

Think about that for a moment. That one statement basically sums up why most panty waste men are like they are.

Do you or have you...?
Clean your own house (you or your wife)?
Wash your own car?
Wash your won clothes?
Change you own vehicle oil (car or bike)?
Mow your own lawn?
Change a flat tire on your car?
Refuse to pay someone to do something that you can do?
Know how to drink water from a spigot or stream without the use of a bottle/container?
If you answer NO then you need to give your "man card" back!

Have more suits and ties than tools?
Only drink water from a bottle?
Paid more than 2$ for cup of coffee on purpose?
Wear matching underwear and socks?
Worry if your belt and shoes match?
Watch Lifetime TV more than Spike TV?
Paid more than 40$ for a pair of bluejeans?
If you answer YES then just shoot yourself as you are a total waste to manhood!
Umm...If you really give enough of a crap to even ponder all this for much longer than it takes to read it, you need to give your man-card back.

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