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Originally Posted by mrbreeze View Post
this bike pushes a lot of the right buttons for me - but I know what's wrong with it. The price will be more than I am willing to pay, and the only BMW dealer for miles is a pain in the gluteus maximus. I gave up on BMW's when they charged me over $200 for a set of brake pads.
The F800 uses Brembo calipers. Pads are available either directly from Brembo or plenty of aftermarket alternatives from numerous first class companies. Anybody that buys pads from BMW thinking BMW makes the pads should also be aware Santa Claus does not deliver them on his annual rounds.

F800 BMW are easy to self service - belt drive, spin off oil filter easily reached, long service intervals on bucket over shim valve train. Easy access to the 8 valves that need checking when the time comes (fuel tank under seat, not on top of engine with plenty of space between twin frame spars) with nothing unusual in the layout of the valve train. Don't like the dealer? You're not marrying his daughter, just buying a bike.

My disappointment with this bike is at this price point in 2012 I expect more than unadjustable damper rod front suspension...
270 deg crank
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