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Quote: "I was first turned onto it by one cool dude and Hendricks' audacious slogan, "One in 100 people prefer Hendrick's." Since then it's grown in popularity, but I rarely hear anyone ask for it. Then Chachi shows up and orders Hendrick's and Tonic with bitters. And hit me in the back of the head with a broken shelf--the bitters instead of lime increase my love of this drink twofold. (Or, if you judge me by the number of them I consumed over a 24 hour period, perhaps 12 fold.) "

I, after many hours, have only made it vicariously through Toronto, but I could not resist quoting this and adding a big kudos for the bitters, I have long enjoyed gin and Campari or a Hendrick's and tonic, but bitters with a Hendrick's and tonic, genius! I am enjoying your journey, it certainly is reaching the epic status of an Edda. I too, as many seem to have echoed, am ever closer to following your fine example and taking to the road, damn what ever has previously held us constrained. I look forward to traveling with you even if only in spirit.
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