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So just so I set the stage...I am 8 weeks post op. I went in yesterday with a pretty long list of questions, here they are and what he told me.

1. How long before the blood stops pooling in my foot? 6 Months
2. How long will the swelling continue? 6 Months
3. Should I be doing anything to control the swelling? Rest and Elevation
4. My toes seem stiff and unresponsive, will they stay that way until the screws are removed or do I just need to work/exercise them? Just work the toes and stretch them. (lots of nerve damage)
5. Are there any exercises I can do safely to strengthen my foot and calves or do I need to just rest?
NO, just rest it
6. What type of exercises can I do to support a good recovery? Use a towel or elastic band and work your ankle left to right.
7. Can I ride a stationary bike? Yes
a. If so what type of shoe can I wear? Sneaker, something with a stiffer sole
b. If so can I use resistance? No
8. Will I be under anesthesia for the screw removal? Yes, local plus sedation
9. How much pain should I expect after the screws are removed? 5 on a 10 scale
10. How much of a setback will screw removal be to walking? About a week
11. Will I need to back down on the weight and work my way back up again? Yes, but should only take a week to get back up to where I was.
12. Will I be able to wear the same size shoes? Yes, eventually but may take several months.
13. When will I be able to drive again? You can drive now with a stiff soled shoe.
14. When will I be able to ride a motorcycle? 2 to 3 years (I am pretty sure that's standard with Doctors and motorcycles)

I hope this helps others understand what they may be up against. Driving again is GREAT!! Now I just need to work towards riding the motorcycle again.....hopefully January.
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