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Originally Posted by GrahamD View Post
But the S10 is not a tarmac queen dressed up to make it look trendy. There is way more thought gone into the bike than that.
I don't disagree. Instead I fully agree with you.

The Super Tenere is a bike that does the adventure style riding (which maybe 5% or less of the owners actually do) pretty damn well for its size and weight. But so do a lot of other adventure style bikes. Maybe the Tenere does it slightly better, maybe slightly less good - but the differences aren't big enough for me to consider taking any one of these trailies (other than maybe the F800GS and the KTM 990) on a real off-road ride.

My main issue is that people who say they want "off-road capabilities" very often don't do more than a handful of miles "off tarmac" and even those are easy gravel roads or similar. If people are really honest, miles off tarmac are very likely in the less than 1% range ...

And if somebody asks for "off road", I think of something else than the nicely graded gravel road. I think of stuff where it's fun to take a WR but for the hell of it I wouldn't take my Tiger because I don't want to foot the bill fixing it after many drops on tree roots, rocks, creeks, mud, sand, and whatnot and I don't want the frustration, the exhaustion, the risks, and so on.

Between the two mentioned bikes, for what I consider "off-road" they are very likely close to equally matched. The Tenere has way more thought put into making it cope with the type of riding, the Tiger Roadie is significantly (> 20%) lighter. But I really wouldn't want to take either bike to something I consider off-road. And if there are differences between the two in capabilities, I think most riders will never be able to explore and experience them because the rider's capabilities are so much worse than the bike's.

I bet I can navigate a street bike like the Suzuki TU250 easier through really rough terrain than I could with a KTM 990. Reminds me of Long Way Round when Claudio was riding circles around the two BMW pigs when he was on that little UJM in Mongolia (Or was it Russia? Don't recall exactly.)
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