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Originally Posted by Dirty Dharma Bum View Post
Had my SMR about 4 months and 4k miles, it's my daily commuter and love the bike. My one strange complaint is getting the mother luvin' gas cap off. This operation can take anywhere from 3 seconds to 3 minutes (which is far too long while sitting at a gas pump). I cannot discover the gremlin causing the frustration and i'm curious if anyone has ever heard of this problem on these bikes or better yet a solution to the dilemna?
The plastic lip at the bottom of the cap is swelling. I think it has something to do with ethanol, but there is an inmate on this thread who swears he has only used non-ethanol fuel and still had the same problem. I had to take a knife and shave the edge of the lip off, all away around the circumference of that plastic piece, so that it would slide in and out of the fuel opening easily. I sent pics to my dealer and he acknowledged that there is a problem, and that the "fix" per KTM is to do exactly what I had done. I find that hard to believe - but maybe he is right. I do see that that part of the cap,sits in the fuel if the tank is full, and that trimming or shaving the bottom lip fixed the problem for me.

I can post a pic later if you need, of how I trimmed my cap, just LMK. And welcome to the thread, they are awesome bikes!
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